Institutional project locations can pose their own difficulties and issues, many of which you wouldn’t normally find within a retail or industrial situation. High security and stringent rules can make completing a job very difficult, our flexible nature has allowed projects within The Royal Ontario Museum, The Toronto Prep School, The Toronto Zoo, Centennial College, Scotiabank, The Royal Toronto Conservatory and the Art Gallery of Ontario to be completed quickly and efficiently.

We work within your guidelines and rules to ensure that everything goes smoothly, peacefully and the desired effect is always achieved. As mentioned on our intro page electrostatic applications are also available, so if you have a fence that could use a freshening or the stalls in your washrooms have seen better days this particular application will work perfectly. Although these two previously mentioned situations are the most commonly found situations for electrostatic we would be more than happy to come look at your situation and create a plan to refinish your material.

Many of us spend the better part of our lives in an office, luckily for you offices are something we are very familiar with. We have worked within many office spaces, invigorating them and lending our talents to making them the fresh productive environments healthy happy employees look for. Some offices that grace our repertoire include EB Games Head office, Paragon Security, Sony Head office, Canadian Tire Head office, GE Head office and Skechers Head office. Whether your office just needs a coat of paint or a new wall covering is in order let us bring the life back to your space.

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